Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ryan vs. Dorkman

Now, I was just surfing the internet the other day, (the internet is a total ripoff of Star Wars) and I found a website,
I feel that there are no finer independent filmmakers out there, save myself, than those that contribute to the vibrant Star Wars Fanfilm community. I was just talking to Rick (McCallum) about how we could possibly exploi... er, encourage these guys to make Star Wars even more successful than it already is, and we've agreed, we're going to hire them to write for the Star Wars TV show.

You see, the best part about RvD is the writing, not the special effects, or even the performances, but the way Ryan and Dorkman just boiled everything down to that epic, true, good vs evil one-ness. I've heard people on the internet snickering about how their dialogue is better than anything I've written in years, and I'd be offended if that weren't so blatantly false. Everybody (but the Academy, damn them,) knows I write the best, most true-to-life dialogue out there. Especially when I'm writing romance.
Anyway, check out RvD, and then tell me that your life wasn't changed. Then go buy some officially licensed plastic lightsabers.


Now, I know it's going to sound like sour grapes, since the movie has gotten better reviews than any of my prequels, but the fact is, Stardust is a complete rip-off of Star Wars.

You see, they both start with the word star, also, I originally wanted to cast Claire Danes as Jar Jar Binks. But then Dennis told me we could make Jar Jar digitally, and since that's always a better idea, I chucked Claire.

Don't get me wrong, there were some great parts in Stardust, I really liked some of the digital landscapes, and even though it was my idea first, having a floating pirate ship that harvests lightning hasn't ever been implemented this well. I guess the acting was pretty good, if you're into that sort of thing. And apparently, people seem to like the dialogue and the characters, though I prefer my characters to be much more flat so that you can really appreciate the majesty of the digital things I've created.

Oh well, it's worth a watch if you're starved for entertainment.